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20 August 2015
At last St Nicholas Church is to have a toilet - work began this week and a vital part was delivered on Monday.  Watch this space.  
Update: we have just been told that they have delivered the wrong septic tank.  The correct one is much smaller and flat.
This is good news!
31 August 2015
The work is progressing well.  The correct septic tank should be arriving soon. The two pictures show the loo at an early stage and the curved wall around the structure.  This wall will eventually be lime plastered.
5 September 2015
Still no sign of the correct septic tank and permission has still to come through for digging in the churchyard.  However, the work inside is progressing well.  The curved wall has now been plastered and the electrics are in the process of being done. 
10 September 2015
The loo is in, the sink and basin are ready to be put into place and connected and there are even going to be baby changing facilities.
 The digging has started and there has been an exciting find.  A silvered shield dated 1825.
21 September 2015
It is getting there ..........looks good...............might be ready for the Harvest Festival!
27th September 2015
It was Harvest Festival Lunch today and the loo was ready.! It was ceremonially opened with the cutting of the yellow ribbon by the younger members of the village. It is here and ready to be used.
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Grosmont Ministry Team and PCC
Archery in the Nave
Sandy Ireson has started her acclaimed Archery Lessons in the Nave on Friday evenings. These are suitable for all age groups (within reason!). Why not explore a new venture with her? All profits go to support St Nicholas, Grosmont.
Further information from Sandy
Rent the Nave for your Event!
Grosmont Nave is one of the finest in all Wales. It makes a wonderful venue for all kinds of events. Do not overlook it!
Further information from Andrew.
St Nicholas Church is a fine medieval building but, much more than that, it is also the people of the community who live and work in our beautiful parish. The church stands as a powerful reminder of what community life meant to the people of past centuries; today it remains a symbol for shared experience and the spirit of community.
In ancient times the church was an important community space; it was only much later that the building was reserved exclusively for ecclesiastical use. We are lucky still to have the dramatic original nave of St Nicholas with its fine acoustics. We are also fortunate to share with the parish community the vision of restoring the nave to its central and original community role.

Jean Prosser is Priest in Charge of the Grosmont Group of Parishes. Jean was centrally involved in the huge achievement of preventing the imminent collapse of St Cadoc’s Church at Llangattock Lingoed, which now stands restored and beautiful. We see this restoration as a metaphor for how we take forward the life of our worshipping community. Under Jean’s leadership the ministry team, the PCC and the whole congregation look outwards towards the wider community to engage with it and share our Christian vision. We are an ecumenical congregation and welcome everyone who wants to meet and talk with us, question and challenge us, share our vision and join us.
For baptisms, weddings and funerals and other occasional services please contact the Priest in Charge