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Further Update:
Meeting held on Friday 10 March 2017

The meeting was very well attended and the following people were elected as officers of the GADMAG organisation:

Chairman: Gary Squire

Secretary: Peter Clarke

Treasurer: Alex Minford

The committee members will prepare a proposed constitution, which will be presented at a future meeting for approval. The "new" organisation plans to be as inclusive as possible, and would welcome ideas from anyone interested in participating in any shape or form. Ideas can be passed on directly to them. It was also decided that we should change the name and would appreciate any suggestions.
GADMAG is being resurrected! There will be a public meeting in the Town Hall on Friday 10th March 2017 at 7.00pm with the aim of restarting GADMAG with a new Committee and new ideas. Everyone is welcome to come along and put forward ideas and suggestions for the "new" organisation and there will be voting for a new Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Remember, GADMAG cannot exist as a successful organisation without willing helpers, so please come along and support the group. Your GADMAG needs YOU! 

For 20 years GADMAG has been running events for and on behalf of our village. Originally conceived after the demise of the school in Grosmont, GADMAG (Grosmont and District Multi Activity Group) has organised some amazing events, most notably the village days where literally hundreds of locals took part in fancy dress parades and team competitions.  Today though, there are different attractions for our time, and over the last couple of years we are getting fewer and fewer people supporting our events, and fewer volunteers, with the same faces dealing with all the work.

Following the recent GADMAG Annual General Meeting, it was decided that rather than  wind up the organisation, we would put it into hibernation and just run events on an ad hoc basis.

One of the main reasons for fund-raising has been to support the upkeep of the field at the end of Poorscript Lane, for the use of the children of the village, and it is hoped that a new group can be formed to continue with this.  If you have children in your household, please watch out for events supporting the field, and, if you can, get involved yourself.

Margie Barker has kindly offered to be a point of contact for this new field group on 240875, so if you would like to get involved, please get in touch with her.

Richard Brown